It was only a matter of time...

We all knew it was going to happen, and judging by the photos that are making the rounds on the internet this week, Ugly Betty has had a makeover. Gone are the braces and the frizz and the glasses, and in their place is a sleeker Betty whose clothes actually don't make you feel dizzy.

I'm not sure if this is a pity - if anybody is familiar with the way the original series went - it was always going to happen, but it just further goes to prove that Betty in all her infinate kindness, with her big heart and lovely personality was never going to be enough.

Pretty Betty is now the whole acceptably beautiful package. How and why the girl who believes that inner beauty is more important goes through this change is unclear, it seems to go against everything her character represents, and the whole point of having a 'plain Jane' lead in the first place. Somehow I find it hard to see how the comedy will still work its magic, but who knows? I guess we'll find out next season.

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