M&S magic

Please ignore the cheesy photos, the lovely Helenka vest from Marks and Sparks has taken our HQ by storm. All the savvy-fashionistas are wearing them in all colours, and as usual I've been slow off the mark. They're only £10 (£5 in neon pink and yellow if you're quick enough to snap up the final few) and its really not a case of either or, at our office its almost de rigeour to own a minimum of two.

Perfect for layering under almost anything, the trick is to wear the black and white ones with a matching bra, the neon ones you can go a little clashing crazy with if you're feeling brave. The only no-no would be wearing them on their own as a top. A peep of lace can be sexy, a whole lot makes you look like you charge by the hour.

A nice, but unexpectedly huge trend... M&S should be very pleased with itself.

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My New Favourite Thing said...

I'm loving my neon pink one! Am definitely thinking of purchasing the black one too. Good 'ol Marks, who would've thought it!

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