Ponderings from The Boy

The Boy plays such a huge part in my style choices (more than I care to admit sometimes) that I feel I should give him a little platform to wax lyrical about fashion. He never fails to surprise me with his impressively wide knowledge of current trends, not only that but also his ability to create his very individual look without looking like a Topman or Shoreditch clone.

This week I asked him what he thinks of the soon-to-be-everywhere snood:

"The snood. Stupid sounding by name, circular and warm by nature. Whilst FF repeats "I want a snood, they're all the rage this winter" I remain cynical. "You can wear it as a hood, scarf or over your shoulders..." she says. Call me old fashioned, but isn't it just a scarf stitched up at both ends?"

Such a rationalist - Also for the record, I never ever say "all the rage"!

In another conversation he revealed to me that he regularly visits The Sartorialist, much to my delighted surprise...

Boy: Do you like the way i've rolled up my shorts? They're all doing it on The Sartorialist...
Me: You go on The Sartorialist? (Shocked silence)
Boy: Yeah, he takes really cool pictures.
Me: Oh my god, thats so cool...
Boy: I really like the ones of the old guys in suits... and he takes pictures of some really FIT women.
Me: *Sigh*(Images courtesy of and
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