The perfect jegging

For many of us cash-strapped Londoners, the last Friday of the month signals the wonderful end of a hard months slog and the chance to spend some of our hard-earned cash. Cliche? Oh yes, but as this was my first pay check in a good long while I was ready to spend...

Unfortunately however, there's almost nothing out there worth buying. Obviously you don't have to spend all your money at once, but I was finding it hard to spend any money at all. After visiting H&M, Zara (twice), Urban Outfitters, Uniqlo, Gap, Topshop (thrice) and all the other usual highstreet subjects, I happened upon Republic. The name itself is enough to scare a highstreet-loving fashionista off, if the interminable amount of Bench stuff hasn't already. Its a sort of surfer-meets-chav-meets-rare-gem kind of place, and thankfully I managed to find the latter.

Behold my marvellous jeggings (all the other names for them are even more ridiculous or long-winded). So they don't look that amazing on a plastic mannequin, or probably on my sorry, saggy behind either, but the compliments I got today at work, makes me feel as though I actually found something worth buying, and they haven't gotten baggy yet, brilliant.

I also found this lovely little top on one of my Topshop endeavours - its almost imossible to leave that place without buying something. Choices might be thin on the ground, but if you really are desperate to spend, they're definitely out there, I only had to try moderately hard.

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