A tale of two lashes

I'm not normally one to buy into the celeb-highstreet colabs, and to be fair I didn't actually buy anything so technically I still haven't, but I thought I'd convey my great surprise at just how nice the 'Nadine' version of the Eyelure and Girls Aloud false lashes are.

I'd been given them as part of a leaving gift a while ago and having lacked the opportunity to give them a whirl, I thought that the Dubai races at Ascot would be the perfect place to try them out.

Despite initially spilling the glue on the floor and accidentally mixing up the left from the right I finally managed to stick them on and they lasted all day long (until I felt a little worse for wear later and had to pull them off as they were obscuring my vision - long story).

Unfortunately I stashed them in the inside pocket of my clutch and later found out that this form of sqaushing has now rendered them unwearable for future events.

I would almost certainly buy them in future, although I think this has more to do with the particular style which I loved, rather than my wanting to actually look like a member of Girls Aloud. They're almost normal enough to wear everyday, but personally I'd avoid the Cheryl ones because, let's face it you're not fooling anyone...


Miss Write said...

I got the Sarah ones free at work (my least favourite Girl Aloud)but they were actually pretty cool in a high-impact, theatrical kind of way. Not natural bambi lashes, but when I fake my lashes, I like to really fake them. So I can't wait for these bad boys...


Anonymous said...

I wore the 'Cheryl Ones last night at my work Christmas bash and they went down very well! Yes they look fake but they added a touch of glam that was very welcome! I really enjoyed wearing them and will buy them again if I happen to crush them in the clutch!

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