Blooming stupid

Ever since Carrie Bradshaw graced our screens as the formidable fashionista, it made the ideal of experimenting with fashion into a reality; socks and sandals, spending $400,00 on shoes, insanely huge corsages...

Which brings me to my current bugbear, why oh why are we told that wearing giant plastic flowers looks good? Now I know that the shoreditch set favour them attached to a simple elastic and worn in that infuriatingly cool way, which despite having tried to copy (I bought that white ready made one from h&m - I'm such a follower), I just don't have the cool girl credentials to pull it off. I know my limits.

Wearing these ever-blooms on your actual clothing however makes me cringe. "Just slap one on a simple outfit, it makes all the difference and gets people to look at your bangers" (I am of course paraphrasing) says the highstreet guru Gok Wan. He makes his own, and in his opinion the bigger the better, given the option I think he'd have us all walking around looking like unpotted giant dahlias.

This is all well and good until you see how it actually ends up on the every day girl. On the train today: purple vest top, denim skirt, black leggings, white trainers and Huge White Plastic Flower pinned to said vest. Gah! (Unfortunately taking a picture on a crowded train is impossible, so you'll have to take my word for it.)

I agree that looking good can often come down to how you accessorise an outfit, but corsages aren't a bandwagon you should jump on unless you're a super confident styler. Accessories should accentuate the look you've already created, not look like a huge dollop of frou frou on an otherwise mundane daily ensemble...

You might run the risk of inspiring bloggers to take to their pages telling you that you look frankly ridiculous. You've been warned.

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