(Yet another) Luella sample sale

Just as I was beginning to believe that a Luella sample sale was a rarity, last week I was faced with the dilemma of a sale that was boasting actually really really huge reductions. I know that every time I go to these I'm faced with the dilemma of reduction + designer vs bank balance, but I seem to always manage to justify the expense in my shopping addled brain.

This time was no different, I went a little mad truth be told, but I walked out with a veritable feast of goodies thanks to blagging my way into the exclusive press morning (yay!). In the cold light of the following day however, only two of the actual purchases are still as attractive as they were whilst surrounded by their brothers and sisters with £25 labels.

My purchases are as follows (for those of you who are interested):
  • A coral/ white purse - very pretty, a little large, but I will use it.
  • A floral and black striped SS08 blouse (was actually on the runway!) - a little small on the bust...
  • A white Gisele bag (above) - Gorgeous soft white leather, have already dealt with the biro mark on the back, and am waiting for the rain to stop to actually wear it.
  • The absolute best piece, and the cheapest at £15, a one-of-a-kind batman print hoodie, a sample in the true sense of the word as it was never put into production - amazing!

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