Shoes with a soul

I usually gasp in horror when people mention 'vegan' anything. Its not that I disagree with what they do/eat, its just that I can't imagine a life without all the things that vegan chastity would require I give up. Being the leather fascist that I am, I have surprised myself by falling in love with these gorgeous 'Sole' pumps by Beyond Skin. I first saw them at the press day months ago, and having seen them again, I think I'm hooked.

Made from swatches of vintage fabrics and with cushioned soles, there will only be a few of each style made, adding a level of exclusivity which always brings out the shopping demon within. They will be stocked in the new Anthropologie store opening on Regents Street in September, and in October they will be on the website and in stockists around the country.

Retailing for £65, think of it as a moral investment in sustainable fashion... or just a super amazing find which makes your toes tingle. Can't believe I have to wait another 4 months!

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