Nomads and super luxe layers

I realise that a disproportionate amount of my posts revolve around whats coming up this autumn, but I guess that even in my limited exposure to fashion, there is always that focus of what is coming next. The season ahead promises to be super exciting, and thanks to a talk today at work, I am now looking towards DVF.

Once a bastion of middle aged 'yummy' dressing, with her wrap dresses to suit all figures, she's evolving her brand to encompas the young (albeit with a large income). As we were informed in a presentation today, her looks are all about layering, designed to look fabulous on their own, worn together, and made of fabrics that are virtually indestructable, no matter how many times you scrunch them up in a suitcase.

Her evolution is based on an all-around wearability. Where once you wouldn't have worn the dress below on its own without the whole ensemble, you can see how the above pieces all work individually, the photo hardly does it justice. The smooth flow of the dress in contrast to the sumptuous chunkiness of the knits, work beautifully together, but also would stand out apart.

More relaxed in its tailoring, this is what will appeal to the young, fabulous and loaded, especially as we shall be embracing luxe grunge with arms wide open.

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My New Favourite Thing said...

Have you seen the upcoming Missoni collection? Global nomad at its best!

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