Sonia by Sonia

I'm a lover of all things quirky, kooky, cute and French (as if you hadn't already gathered) and I have fallen in deep Parisian love with the Sonia by Sonia Rykiel collection. Truth be told, I'm a huge fan of the main label, with its bright colours and catchy slogans and oodles of hair, but as her diffusion line is much more within my price bracket, this will be my current obsession.

I'm particularly fond of the rainbow jumper, perhaps it's my second chance to get my hands on one, seeing as the Peter Jensen one was just out of my reach. For those that find the £175 price tag a little steep, there is the Leopard collar tee for £60.

The 'darling' sweater is completely fabulous and perfect for my non-existant 'school girl chic' look. Yet another item I add to the amazing wardrobe in my head, where I wish my style was concrete and not as runny and changeable as porridge.... fashion porridge, but porridge nonetheless.

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