Evolution hearts women

So today I read an article on the front page of the Sunday Times which said that women are progressively getting more beautiful as each generation progresses. They are more likely to attract a mate and have beautiful babies, so rather than all of future generations flocking to go under the surgeons knife, they will all be naturally gorgeous. No more of this campaigning for 'real' beauty bollocks, we can live in hope that our female offsprings will all give Megan Fox a run for her money.

Beauty is taking over the world, but unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) for the boys, they are 'still as about as unattractive as their caveman ancestors' and are showing no signs of changing any time soon. So alas no world of Abercrombie & Fitch models for us, but it appears that as we will always need men, in baby-making terms at least, it doesn't matter one squib whether we find that package pretty or not, a need is a need.

We have to remember that evolution takes time, but as beautiful women are more likely to have daughters, and that they in turn will be beautiful, could it be possible that once beauty is a standard (although i'm suspicious as to how this will ever be quantified) perhaps women will finally be on a level playing field with each other.

We would have to be judged on more than our exteriors as they would be a boring shell, the same beautifully sculpted features as everybody else. Somehow though I'm sure that due to our innately bitchy instincts, we'd still manage to find ways to put each other down, instead of supporting our fellow 'sisters'. But when you have a face that can launch a thousand ships (and an ass that can crack walnuts) I'm not sure we'd much care.

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