Things I learned this week

So my week of new things never really got started, but instead I thought that I'd just note down the things that I have learned this week:
  • That you should never ever lean your back against the glass partitions on the tube... squashed bottom = even bigger bottom. (I was the one sitting by the partition)
  • Weight Watchers meals have tiny calories because of the tiny portions.
  • Swine flu is closer than you think.
  • It is an amazing feeling when you use a Biore blackhead strip and there are no blackheads on it when you pull it off.
  • Draping things together haphazardly isn't always a great style plan.
  • Sexily disheveled hair on me is just disheveled.
  • You can see good and bad versions of socks and sandals in one day.
  • More people wear Fitflops than sanely possible.
  • Matching your nail varnish and your socks (grey, girl on the train) can actually work.
  • Pink lipstick is ridiculously hard to maintain.
  • Some people think that ice blue metallic leggings and pink hot pants are suitable daywear.
  • Your makeup can slide off your face between the morning train and arriving at work.
  • Spending the day looking at things you will never ever afford, but still adore is now just a part of life.
  • Friends will always choose to tag you on Facebook in photos from a million years ago to torment you. Its nice that you can see how much you've changed... and you hope to god its for the better.

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