My first ever Chanel purchase (and a couple of monkeys)

I accompanied my mum to the Cambridge biannual glass fair on Sunday and while she perused the selections by Whitefriars, John Walsh and various other design houses that mean nothing to me, I managed to find a name I recognised amongst the crowd.

A rather lovely gentleman was selling these vintage Chanel bottles for £5 each, but thanks to my charm and sparkling smile(or something like that), he threw in the bigger one for free.

Its not quite a 2.55, but not bad for a first purchase. I can't stand the smell so I've never bought the perfume - also I am fully aware that owning the fragrance does not a designer owner make, otherwise I'd be boasting a selection of Viktor and Rolf, Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier goodies (I wish).

My See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil monkeys are apparently from the 1930s, but as I found them and thier price particularly charming (£4) I decided to add them to my newly created perfume bottle collection.

So far I have three....

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Platform Princess said...

The monkey's are adorable <3


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