The new way to carry your bag…

For this coming spring, its not about what bag you've got, its about how you carry it. We know that in these cash-poor times that it is almost impossible to get your hands on any of the coveted new designer lovelies. Where once we could have justified that once a year splurge on a gorgeous Mulberry or Chloe or even Balenciaga (If you don't work in media). Now is definitely not the time.

Lucky for us then that designers felt that they would for once make an inclusive trend, one that all women are more than able to follow, and the ultimate day-to-night switch… the bag as clutch trend. No less than 25 designers had their models carry bags neatly tucked under their arms, or scrunched in a fist, straps flying free. No bag was too large, no strap was too long. Dolce and Gabbana and Vuitton even embellished their straps with beading and intricate decorations, which render the strap useless, but as it is only for show this season, all the more reason to make it look lovely. Even totes were given the B-A-C treatment at Michael Kors and Graeme Black where they were super sized and then neatly folded in half. Prada my personal favourite, had super soft scrunched leather bags which were carried sideways (see above) perhaps they did look a tad silly, but one look at the leather and you’d be wanting to carry it in your fist too.

So what it comes down to is: is this do-able? Completely. Practical? Potentially tricky, especially if you do it a la Prada. Super super style forward? Definitely.

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