The colour wheel way of dressing...

You remember colour wheels. The principles of colour simplified to a single circle. Primary and secondary side by side. We are taught about complimentary colours, the ones directly next to each other, and contrasting, the opposites. When it comes to observing street style and trying to find the trends that tie those fashionable and cool individuals together I have found the following to be true: bold colour clashes instantly make your outfit an attention grabbing affair. The best way to approach this dressing system is to keep the colour wheel handy. Try to wear at least two bold colours a day, if you fancy really pushing the boat out add a third.

How? Chances are you already have some of these colours in your wardrobe in some form or another. You should own at least one bright coloured pair of tights already. If not, they are the best place to start. Invest in a blue, red and a yellow pair. With tights it’s best to stick to the primaries as they can create a good base for adding and clashing with.
Tabio do the best tights in my opinion. At £12 they aren't cheap, but they last for years, and never ladder.

If not tights then a bright pair of jeans – not neon mind you, just bold. Uniqlo do a great range. After this it is all down to accessories. Invest in a pair of red shoes, a green bag, a purple statement necklace and an orange hair band (not recommended if you’re a red head). Also a bright blue jumper or even better, a yellow one. If you only buy one colour it should be yellow.

It sounds awful, and obviously you wouldn’t wear it all together. But once attempted its far easier than clashing prints, which can end up looking a little too boho-teenage rebel. Start off with clashing accessories and then once you’re feeling the vibe move on to clothes. Block colour clashes are for the brave, but also require subtlety. Remember to keep the rest of your outfit grey or black to prevent people from requiring sunglasses to look directly at you. As summer approaches ever so slowly, the blacks can be replaced by nudes and still the colours will keep your outfit alive. Trust me, it’s the way forward.

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