The £2 shoe dilemma...

Today whilst taking a lunchtime peruse at Primark, amongst the usual £8 jumpers and £12 dresses I stumbled upon something which was truly cheap. Not in a tacky Wag type of way, but actually truly inexpensive. A pair of simple white plimsolls. Practically impossible to get your hands on come summer time due to their timeless appeal, and yet they get horrendously dirty very quickly (white does tend to) and then when they are no longer washable we throw them away. At £18 a pair this could be a slightly expensive form of disposable fashion, so the Primark £2 is an ideal.

It looks the same, feels the same and I'm sure smells the same, but there's something which makes me question how a person can justify paying that amount for a shoe. Unlike the justification for spending £400 on a shoe, it is the human cost that worries me. I could be happy in my disposable shoes, even buy another pair when they bite the dust, but will the people who made them even see a fraction of that price?

Maybe this is the first sign of a conscience. Or maybe I'll go back and buy them, but I've realised that this is something that I really should be thinking about...

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