Coral and Grey

I know that my recent entries have been about colour, but this really warrants a mention. Today I saw a girl on the train and she looked really amazing. She was wearing a grey jumper dress, a coral coat, a grey beret and coral nail varnish. Not only was this an inspired colour combination, it was transitional. It might not be exactly the time to be thinking about transitional fashion choices whilst the temperatures still don't get higher than 5*C during the day, but this girl had it spot on. Injecting an on-trend spring colour with a dove grey base means that she looks as though she is anticipating the good weather to come, and it got me doing it too. I love it when other people's outfits lift my mood. It also gives me another excuse to buy those Topshop shoes... another plus!

Also, check out this coral cotton cashmere mix lovely from Uniqlo Men's section only £19.99. Not a hugely manly colour, but definitely something to "borrow" from the boyfriend.

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