Tough Girl

As the weather slowly turns towards the inevitable rainy and wet November I find that my feet are being swept away from under me. Literally. As I rush down the hill to the station my feet slip on the wet leaves no less than eight times, three of those seriously close to being You Tube “faceplant” moments. So in light of this I am seriously considering a footwear overhaul. My plain old flats are no longer holding their own against the elements, I need something much tougher.

Biker boots. Yes I know this is nothing new, this much has been pointed out to me at work. Everyone who wanted to tried this trend last year. Everyone has a pair. But as the story of slow burning trends goes (and if you needed any more convincing), they are back this season with absolutely nothing changed, added or taken away.

Gap have once again stocked their famous ankle length biker’s in black and brown. Gorgeous, sturdy and perfect for wearing with a knitted jumper or to add an edge to a delicate dress. Not to be worn with full on black and leather however, unless you are actually planning to get in with a motorcycle gang…

Go on you know you want to.

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