The season with no trends...

Spring/Summer 2009 is all about being yourself. Designers have drawn such vague lines that the high street may have trouble coming up with something concrete to copy. As designers play to their strengths to wait out the recession, the regular high street shopper can be safe in the knowledge that next season simplicity is key.

At Burberry there were bookish, Jane Austin reading academics in crumpled silks and draped cashmeres dreaming of romance. Louis Vuitton provided spunky world travellers wearing their beaded/tribal/leather finds (the type you can't get past Aussie customs) with rockstar hair and attitude to match. Sportswear was as always a spring summer staple, with Stella creating blazer and trousers all-in-ones, not great for aerobics, but perfect for watching Wimbledon.

The key image that came out from all the shows, despite the new minimal tribal futuristic old lady feel, was the truly basic. Dries Van Noten created gorgeous simple tailored clothes combined with one of a kind heirloom pieces in the form of a gold jacket and a floor-length gold skirt. No doubt this will spawn many high street copies that will look cheaper than usual and pale in comparison. So although there is no way I will probably ever be able to afford an "heirloom" item, the lesson I take from here is that keeping things simple and elegant goes a long way.

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