Getting into the mind of a man

The concept of coming up with ideas for a lads mag is a slightly daunting one. Especially when it comes to trying to get into the mind of a guy who reads "Nuts". When talking to a male friend the other day, an educated city type, he admitted that he absolutely loves his weekly dose of this lads mag. I thought that this particular publication was only for the likes of guys who buy The Sun for its "articles" on page 3, but apparently I am mistaken. He told me that if he wants to read something challenging he buys a paper, when it comes to reading something to relax and unwind he'd much rather look at photos of boobs and bizarre injuries caused by male incompetence. Is this mindless form of journalism actually impressively self aware? When women read magazines, we take them seriously. We look at the fashion pages and read the real life stories and take it all in. Men don't take themselves seriously at all, a magazine doesn't need to pretend to be anything other than entertainment. So should my ideas for articles be sexist and patronising? Maybe I should just find a story which goes under each of the following headings: Naked celebrities (unobtainable women), naked real-life girls (obtainable), Cars, Scars and of course Sports. I've been left with the overwhelming feeling that this task is actually potentially the most complex yet. Mens minds might be simple, but coming up with an original idea for a lads mag is anything but.

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