I'm Obsessed!

I know that the "It" bag is supposedly dying a rather deserved death, but somehow i'm finding it hard to jump on that particular negative bandwagon. I have never really lusted after the Paddingtons or Birkins of this world, my main obsession is definitely Mulberry. A quintessential English brand which has so far managed to avoid becoming overly cheapened by the likes of WAGs and cut price knock-offs. The reason for this is probably that although paying £700 for a bag is somewhat excessive, in price at least, it doesn't really hold a candle to its £2000 competitors. Mulberry is the girl next door, beautiful and yet at a push obtainable by a regular person on a regular salary. The gorgeous redesigned "Roxanne" which is now a giant vinyl shopper, a sidestep from their traditional leather designs, and is in my opinion patent perfection. I know I shouldn't, I know that even £400 is far too much for something which essentially is still just a bag, but it's still on my wish list. So as I shall most probably not ever own it, I have provided a photo for everyone's viewing pleasure!

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