Saturday adventures

So what do you do on the first Saturday of the year where leaving your house isn't akin to braving the arctic? Go shopping, obviously. It wasn't my original plan to spend as much money as I did, in fact I was looking for a few plastic pieces for a fancy dress party in the evening, but as my friend and I splashed through the puddles on a virtually deserted Brick Lane, a little man popped his head out of a doorway and pointed to a sign saying 'HUGE vintage fashion fair'. Now when men try and lure you into buildings in the East End, sometimes its better to keep going, but our interest having been peaked we wondered into what turned out to be a little warehouse of wonders.

Nacho Libre?

I bought the top in the middle for £10 from a woman looked rather like a young Diana Ross, big hair and everything. This was when I thought that I was going to have a bargain hunting day... Turns out this lovely top has a few bead strands missing, also that wonderful Gok-like flower was covering a rather large tear that has been repaired by someone with a my first sewing kit, still love it though, will look awesome with jeans.

If you're in need of a wedding dress... or some hi-tops...

And so we come to my little extravagance, having coveted many a beautiful fur of my very stylish co workers, I wasn't ever really expecting to find one as lovely as this. So when I saw it and tried it on, I felt much like Cinderella must have with the glass slipper, that this was my perfect fit. So most probably swindled by a true London gentleman I handed over the princely sum of £140, for an immaculate blue fox fur jacket from the 1980s, he kindly gave me two plastic carrier bags on account of the rain. Lovely.

That no spending money resolution has definitely gone to merde... Oh well!


Sartoriology said...

£140 well spent!

My New Favourite Thing said...

lovely my dear! Now just brace yourself for the paint-slinging. x

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