Emma Watson for People Tree

Fairtrade fashion pioneers People Tree have teamed up with girl-of-the-moment Emma Watson to create a capsule collection for a younger audience. A combination of preppy separates and girly embellishment, makes this a fantastic way to invest in clothes that make a difference.

There is nothing particularly groundbreaking in the designs, but it is the fact that they are so wonderfully everyday and simple that is their greatest charm, people won't buy them simply because they're fairtrade but because they actually like the clothes. With a lower price point than their usual collections, I can see all these pieces flying off their virtual shelves as soon as they become available - it says Feb 8th on the email, so only a week to go.

I've got my eye on that cricket jumper, £90 - I've wanted one for so long and this one is perfect! Fabulous fashion that feels good.

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