Nudes, florals and... sports couture?

Today as the sun was out and the temperature was pushing 10 degrees (bliss) I decided to test out a new spring look... So here I am working nudes, florals and a teeny bit of urban sports chic (hmm..), all completely from the highstreet. The floral tank dress is an impulse purchase from good old DP last summer which looks like it might work well this year too.

Also take a second to appreciate my new Ash wedges from Office, my poor attempt at trying to be 'on trend' with this whole sporty cool wedge thing that's going on this season... not sure if I've hit the mark yet, but I shall endeavour to keep trying!

On another note, managed to find a tummy-holding booby-padded onepiece from Matalan for only £10 for my upcoming weekend in Norfolk. Seeing as my body isn't anywhere near being summer ready, this is a fabulous new development.

(Dress - Dorothy Perkins, T-shirt - Urban Outfitters, Tights - Tabio, Boots - Ash, Cardigan - Uniqlo)

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